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tags not appearing in shared notebook

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I am a premium member. I have a 2nd account, non-premium.

I've shared my "recipes" notebook with that other account (an Android tablet that sits on the counter in the kitchen).

All is well except that the tags haven't made their way over to the free account - although they do appear on the web when I sign in under the 2nd account.  I've synced again and again, and nothing.

The notebook appears fine under "joined Notebooks" (although it is named "recipes1 rather than just "recipes" like the original -- is that standard?) but tags on the main menu shows 0 tags, when there are quite a few more than 0 that should be here.


I'll open a ticket, but I wanted to find out if someone here knows about this already.

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If you send over your ticket #, I'd be happy to further investigate. 

#880672  I just created the request today, thinking that I had done it weeks ago.


I'm not sure it is a support issue though -- are nested tags supposed to make their way over to a shared notebook on Android?  My shared "recipes" notebook is indeed shared with my (free) user account, the "recipes" notebook is there as is the tag "recipe". But all of my relevant tags (poultry, dessert, etc) are nested under a tag called "food", and none of those are being displayed either in the notes or in the tree.

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