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Three problems I am having with the new Beta


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I use a Samsung ARM driven Chromebook.


1. It is very difficult to paste images into a note if they are not from the web. Other images, such as photos copied from a hard drive or copied from an app like Snaggit, simply do not appear when you try to paste. The word paste is there but nothing actually gets pasted.


2. There are no page breaks on the beta as yet. So if you wish to print one page of, say, twenty, that page will often be spread over a couple of pages the first time you go to "Print". That requires going back to the document and moving text.

However, once that is done, and you return once more to Print, you are only shown a document of one page in length and that is normally blank. 


3. Images that are not from the web often do not print out even though they are visible in a note. The printer produces a blank page.


I like to use my own photos and images edited in Snaggit.

At the moment, that is very difficult, especially if printing is involved.




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I don't think they have have existed on the Web client.

Very useful for printing purposes.




Assuming that there will be updates to the Beta, how will we know when and what? That info never seems to be released. One day something is not possible, and the next day it is. But it's a bit unreasonable to expect people to keep trying things over and over just in case.

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