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Samsung Note handwriting input fails on 6.0.2

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  • I have used EN on my Samsung Note 10.1 for years
    • love them both and makes me almost paper free!
  • I have a standard format entry of plain headings and bullet point entries as per this note
  • Android just updated app to 6.0.2


  • Suddenly I can't enter bulleted or formatted notes notes using the standard Samsung handwriting input
  • If I switch on the bullet point (blob/number/checkbox) and try to write anything it just disappears and the bullet format switches off
  • I can make entries using the keypad and don't have this problem.
  • I can handwrite unbulletted entries as normal.
  • Have restarted the pad and the app but no change.
  • Also fails if I try to edit old notes that worked fine when written.

Obviously I can abandon my beloved format and just write lines of text but it's annoying to have to change habits for something that has worked for years. Your help appreciated.

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Not sure there is any help available here - if the latest version don't work,  then it don't work.  You could try uninstalling and reinstalling just to check that you have a fully working version,  but other than feedback to both Samsung and Evernote Support I can't suggest anything practical.  Is there another application on the Note that you could use to capture the text,  then copy and paste the completed notes into Evernote?  S Note has some connectivity there..

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