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(Archived) Printing Note Titles



I rarely have to print notes, but sometimes its useful for meetings, etc.

Unfortunately, the title of the note doesn't make it on there, or the date of printing, etc.

Is there something I am missing? If not, can I put in a feature request for a preference panel about what gets printed, i.e. Note title, header, date?

Thanks! --- JAW

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There isn't currently a way to just print the titles of notes, without the bodies, but thanks for the feedback.

Thanks -- not quite what I meant though. I would like to have the title and creation/modification date at the top of the printed note above the body. I didn't want just the title... Let me know if this makes sense now.

I can add the title again into the body before I print when I need to, but it seems like it should be optional to have a header with this info print out too.

Thanks -- JAW

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Allow me to vote for this feature again. It is most important for me to be able to print a list of note titles. Using the Windows beta version, but would a browser solution would be great too. Trying to do GTD on Evernote.

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Here's how to get a nice list of note titles:

Do your search

Highlight all the notes

File > Export > as html

Create a new folder

The index file will contain the list of all note titles with links to all the individual notes in that new folder. If all you need is the title listing, discard everything else.

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