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Safari Web clipper


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I use a Macbook pro, OS X,version10.9.5 and Safari 7.1 and keep having problems with my web clipper (6.2.4).Someone said they thinkit started to happen after upgrading to Maverick, I have Maverick.


When use the Safari web clipper, I see a flash of the full menu, it disappears before I can use it, then allows me to only do a screenshot. I want to do a full page and be given the choice of the menu. 


This does not happen in Chrome. I prefer to use Safari as this is the browser I normally use when I go on the internet. 


Please advise.

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This sounds like Web Clipper is starting in the last used action (screenshot in this case) which is the default behavior. All you have to do is click the Cancel button when it is asking you to define the screenshot. That will navigate back to the full menu. 


You can also visit the Web Clippers options page and change the setting for 'Default clip action' to something else.


Let me know if that helps you. 

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You are correct in saying the Web Clipper is starting in the last used action, in my case Screenshot, but I CAN NOT cancel as I do not see the button in both Safari and Chrome! 


I was able to change my options on the options page, because I got lucky and Evernote wanted to save my google mail, then I was then able to change the options. 


How do I get to the Options page of web clipper in case this happens again. When I was only seeing the screen shot option, I could not scroll down to options, it would not let me?


I do not know how to get to the Web clippers options page! thanks.

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