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two accounts and want to swap data from one to the other

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I have two accounts in evernote, personal and business (created as personal). two different email addresses.


I started using the personal one for work and then decided to create one just for work.


I created these before I knew I could just change the email in my personal account to the work email.


I now have tried to delete the work account and change the email in the personal evernote but it keeps saying that the work email is in use although I deleted the account (no notes in it either)


Without exporting the personal and importing to the work account is there a way for me to change my associated email in my personal account? (besides contacting evernote)


Also why can I not keep two tabs open in Chrome with different evernote accounts. It keeps changing to most recent used in second tab. Annoying as hell.





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Yes. There is a limitation of the maximum number of writeable notebooks you can share from a free account (I think it's still one), but you can share unlimited notebooks as read-only, and links and pictures will come along.

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How is it done for all I see is social and email links?

I don't understand this question.


You share notebooks individually. Somewhere in the notebook info you should find a way to share it; for example, in the WIndows client, I just right-click on the notebook, and select "Share Notebook", and go from there.

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Sorry, no punctuation in that line.


Well, what I figured out, (for anyone else having a similar issue) is to do this.


In Windows Client


First export all of the notebook by clicking on the notebook and then right click export




File / add another user (for free account, paid account can access multiple accounts)

login in as the other user

File / import / Evernote export files

follow the prompts and you will have all the notes in a folder called Imported Notebook


No links this way but all notes are there including Word attachments


This is easier than the sharing option. Can be done for individual notes too.

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If you want a one-shot, then this works. If you want to share notes back and forth actively, then this doesn't work. Sharing notebooks works fine, and is not that difficult.

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