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Is it OK to Delete Documents from the EN Attachment Folder?

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I'm running the Desktop version of EN Premium on a Windows 7 laptop.


I have about 1,400 notes. About 10% of them have an attachment which is typically an Excel or Word document. With Windows Explorer, I was able to find the folder where EN placed these attachments. Some Notes had more than 50 versions of an attachment. I suspected this slows down performance somewhat. As I knew I would never need those old versions, as a test, I deleted them for a specific attachment. It seemed to work fine.


So, my question is, if I am confident that I won't ever want to see past revisions of an attachment to a Note, could I inadvertently cause something bad to happen by manually deleting old versions with Windows Explorer?

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The attachments folder is for the temporary storage of files for when you edit an attachment.  The files are actually stored within the main .exb database file.  I haven't tried it but I believe you can delete the contents of the attachments folder without harm (backup first just in case) but I don't think you will see any speed improvements.  It will just free up some disk space.

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