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(Archived) Status of text recognition in images inside PDFs?

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I was under the impression after browsing around the website and the forums that once I signed up for a Premium account, text recognition in images inside PDFs would be active, but it doesn't seem to be the case (Mac v1.5.0). Is this correct? If yes, is this feature planned in the short term?

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Ahhh... It looks like I spoke too fast, it does actually work, the problem is that the status on the note is incorrect: immediately after importing the PDF, it says "Image search data processing completed" although it hasn't (a test search confirms it). A few minutes later at the next sync, there's a notification "1 PDF updated with search data" and now the test search does work.

Seems like a UI bug to me...

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That's correct ... the Mac client is being a bit too literal. The "images" in the note are done, but it's only referring to GIF/PNG/JPEG.

I've filed a bug to improve this, thanks.

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