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Desktop user suddenly on malfunctioning Web version

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I'm a newbie who had been using Evernote for Mac's desktop application. Now when I access Evernote, (1) the layout looks totally different (e.g. notebooks now in a list on the left rather than as icon stacks on the right). (2)  I can't open a new viewer window; the only choice available is a new notebook.  (3) The toolbar no longer appears at all!


I appear to be on Evernote Web, which I don't recall choosing. Worse, it is malfunctioning so badly I can't use it!  How do I get back to the Evernote for Mac desktop application?

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Well, are you accessing Evernote from your web browser or did you click on an icon on your desktop?  There is a new beta for the web browser that might be what you are seeing.  If you are accessing from your web browser, go to Settings -> Beta -> Go back to old version.  If you can't find an Evernote icon on your desktop you can go to Evernote.com to download and reinstall.

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s2sailor, thanks for replying. I tried to follow your advice but was unable to do so. Here's what I did then:


• I accessed Evernote from my web browser and checked my settings. They offered a button for me to get the beta version, from which I concluded the version I had was not the beta one. Also, my order history stated there were no orders on record. (???)

• This is confusing because "About Evernote" says I have version 5.5.2 on my computer.

• I didn't have an icon on my desktop. The icon in the toolbar at the bottom of my screen just led me back to the web version. 

• I didn't see anyplace on Evernote.com to download an old version.

• A Google search led me to evernote.en.uptodown.com. I downloaded the most recent version 4 from it and installed it.

• I then got the message "Evernote can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer. Google Chrome downloaded this file today at 8:44 PM. Your security preferences allow installation of only apps from the Mac App Store and identified developers.", which is the privacy setting I use.


1. What do you recommend now?

2. Do you think the Web version is better to use than the desktop version?

3. Also, have you heard of a free program called "PDF Converter for Mac"? If so, what do you think of it?




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Hi.  Uptodown.com is a website that provides downloads of all sorts of software.  It's not guaranteed to provide you with the latest version of Evernote.  Please go back to Evernote.com to download the most recent copy.


Whether you prefer the web to the desktop version is entirely a matter of choice,  but the desktop app does respond more quickly than the web,  so that's normally the default.


I've not used the PDF converter you mention,  so maybe someone else can comment on that...

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Thanks for your advice about that site.

I've gone to evernote.com several times but what comes up is an glossy presentation of the features of version 5....I can't figure out where to go to download old versions. Would you try it and then tell me exactly what you did to get to a download of the latest version 4? Thanks.

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Thanks for your reply, Gazumped! As a newbie, I'm grateful that a person with expertise is willing to be helpful. 


I think 5.5.2 is the version currently on my computer, because when I open Evernote and click on "About Evernote", the version listed is 5.5.2.  Unfortunately, it won't work for me. I can't open a new viewer window; the only choice offered is to open a new notebook. And I can't get the toolbar that used to be at the top of the screen to show up at all! 


1) I want to go back to the desktop version that presented notebooks and stacks as icons rather than just a list on the left side of the screen. I'm very visual and found it easier to work with pictures of notebooks, each with its own title. Plus, it opened on a new viewer window and I could access the toolbar easily. What version would that be? Do you think I'd be OK going back to it?

2) I'm spooked about the web beta version because of the worrisome things people posted about it, e.g. losing all their notes. I don't understand how I even ended up on the web when I'd been working on the desktop version. Any idea what I did that triggered the Web version? How do I get back to the desktop version? And what number is the beta version, so I can avoid it?




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  1. Can't help you with the version number I'm afraid - or with links to them;  earliest I was able to find was 5.5.2.  Maybe someone else will be able to chime in with that.
  2. The latest beta download is now a full release version,  and that's 5.6.2.

I''ve really no idea how you could have lost the installed version and moved to the web - maybe an icon or a link got deleted somehow.

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