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Android 6.02 Editing text size is smaller than viewing text

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When I view notes in Android 6.02 they look great!  But when I go to edit a note, the font automatically gets smaller and the words start wrapping funny, evernote used to not do that, however I had been previously an iphone user.  Can that be fixed?



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Unlike with IOS, (and all the other versions) the Android version has two "modes", one for viewing and one for editing. And they don't display things the same way. Rumor has it that the developers are working on a modeless version of the editor, but who knows if and when it will ever appear.


One thing to try is to change the Android system font size - I set mine to Large, and the text sizes of view and edit match fairly well, even if other formatting doesn't. Of course, the system font size effects other apps too, so it may not be a great solution for you.

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