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I can't use evernote at my computer~help~


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There's a thread about the update here,  and a KB article here.


I've linked to this post.  Evernote doesn't really do weekends,  so it might be a day or three before there's any response.  Meantime try:

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I'm pretty sure my computer M$ ver. is XP SP3 (and IE upgrading 8 of ver.). 

I try as your step with restart system, uninstall and reinstall Evernote.

Tried again and again, but useless. I still can't sign in PC evernote server. 

But when I try to sign in another computer, it's It turned out to be a success! Why?!

We use the same M$ version of computer and we buy in the same time .   



Now, I test the third PC, also can't sign in...All of PC ver. are Windows XP SP3.

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There appears to be some kind of important difference between the three machines.  Do you use Belarc software?  It supports XP and will give you a complete run-down of what version of each application has been installed on your three machines.  Comparing the lists could be instructive...


Failing that - do you have different firewall / antivirus protections on these three machines?

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All of my PC use the same firewall which is avast  of the same ver.. I even closed firewall when I try to sign in Evernote. So sad.


And thank you for your software, I actually now know there are so easy to use software of Belarc. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow.


Now I use My 4th PC(Notebook) to work, At least it is Windows 7 of M$ ver.. This incident took me a whole day to set up the new computer and system with work. OMG......But Evernote really well, be like my second brain.

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