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I have a premium Evernote account, but cannot log in to the account.  I have an e-mail address for two accounts on evernote, but cannot seem to access the premium one. The other account is not premium and has never been used.  How can I contact someone to get access back?

Thanks in advance,


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i have nearly the same issue.   i had two accounts that worked beautifully.   when we had to upgrade in the past two weeks, one account  seems to have disappeared.


Help please.  Evernote said they would respond within one business day but did not.  



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Hi to both - if you are Premium users,  you're entitled to tech support,  so please follow the link below and submit a support request.  Once you have a ticket number you should also be able to get chat support (weekdays / US Pacific Time).


Now;  @Pinkowicz - two accounts can't share an email address.  Could you have used a different address for one account?  Can you remember your username on the premium account?  You should be able to log in using username and password or email and password.  If you don't remember the password, try the 'forgotten password' link which might also help you confirm which email address the account uses.


@waynejudi - what does "when we had to upgrade" mean?  are you an XP user?  And if you have already submitted a support request,  what's your ticket number?


@both - it's always helpful to confirm what OS and what Evernote client you're using - desktop / mobile / web / touch...

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My Ticket is 769940.   i am a macbook pro user.   When i had this problem, i was asked to enter my user name and password instead of automatically logging in.   in the past i could switch between accounts.  i had a line (account) that read waynefahsholtz and one that was wayne@#####.   now i can only reach the latter.   

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Thanks for your help. I manage dot get some help through the twitter handle @evernotehelps.  The main problem I had was similar usernames for my pro and some other (unused) account that I had.  The unused one was linked to my main email address so I've managed to access the two accounts and change the email address' over.

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