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failed to find notes clipped by web clipper for chrome

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have windows 7 on laptop, evernote account version 5.6.4, recently added evernote web clipper extention version 6.2.6 for chrome,

using evernote on this device only.

1)unable to find notes in my account that i clipped using web clipper for chrome. ,but when i use web clipper in internet explorer7, i can find all the clipped notes in my evernote account.why clipped noted by chrome not coming in the account.


2)there is another problem also. synchronization failed regularly now. its frustrating. there is no note in the trash. no shared notebook anymore. done uninstall,. reinstall .nothing fixed the problem.1


        this is my recent activity log-


18:51:27[3720]o%connecting to www.evernote.com/edam/note/s457

18:51:47[1992}received status code 200 when accessing url https:// updte evernote.com/public envin5/release notes

18:52:10[1232]90%no more data to read

18:52:14[1300]client synchronization finished,status:failed

18;52:14[1300]*12 items received

18:52:14[1300]*elapsed time 2m 20s

18:52:19[528]finding related notes for note 895

18:52:26[3720]0% connecting to evernote.com/edam/note/e457

18:52:23[3848]found1 related notes for note895

                                                         please help to fix this problem.big  thanks in advance.

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