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(Archived) Synchronisation Error and Parental Control



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Start with just Safari instead of using our application ... if Safari can't log in to our web site, then it's not an "Evernote application" problem, but rather a more general OS problem. Can you change the parental settings so that Safari will permit you to log in to our web site?


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Unfortunately, I've never used the Parental Control feature on OS X. If you can't access a public web site like Evernote from Safari on the Mac, then you may need to ask Apple Support for help on configuring Parental Controls.

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Sorry but this is a little to short for me as an answer....

I'm a premium user of your service, and you even do not want to try on your side to see what's the problem like ?

If those who are paid for their service do not want to investigate collateral problems, maybe some other users want to help me ??


Vincent GILLES

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You have configured your Mac so that it cannot connect to virtually any secure server on the Internet. For example, you'll see that you can't access https://mail.google.com/ from Safari.

You need to change your settings to permit access to secure web sites.

http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php? ... 0522201161


http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jsp ... ID=2145911

Try adding "https://www.evernote.com" and "evernote.com" to the "Always Allow" list (under Customize).

If that doesn't work, use "Allow unrestricted access to websites"

Judging by the comments on this page, OSX Parental Controls may be generally broken for any secure communications:

http://theappleblog.com/2009/01/13/kid- ... -controls/

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The trick with Apple's parental controls and secure websites (https) is to find the IP address of the server you're trying to access and enter the IP address (not the C name) as in the whitelist of "approved" websites in Parental Controls. You must use a DNS lookup utility or website to lookup the IP address associated with a particular web URL.

This approach has allowed me to access most https sites I need to get to. I suspect that Evernote is using a server with a domain other than www.evernote.com ( as the address evernote attempts to connect with for synching. If that's true, you (we) either need the URL of the sync server or its IP address.

Evernote -- Can you provide that information to this thread?


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