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Why creating a notebook takes forever?


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This behaviour is getting worst and worst.

Is it just me?

Creating a notebook sent my Evernote desktop in a comatose state for a good three or four minutes! Maybe more, I gave up and do it when I need to make some coffee!

I had the same issue. 5000 notes and many notebooks. Every time I wanted to create a notebook it would take forever and evernote would not respond. The only thing that helped was closing evernote, deleteing the database file on your local harddrive and just to make sure reinstall Evernote. Than let evernote index and sync everything from server again. That fixed it for me. I think that after a while the indexing service gets screwed up of clogged up, so this is like spring cleaning. Depending on the size of your database and internet connection it might take a while so do it when you don't need to use evernote if you have a lot to sync.


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Thanks for the reply, I'll do exactly what you suggest.

I am very close to the notebooks limits, and have more than 9000 notes and it is growing with each mandate I receive.

I wanted to centralize a lot of things with Evernote, but the slowness is getting difficult to accept. During my last rush, I began to question my decision. I mean: I cannot stare at my iPhone or my laptop screen for minutes, I don't have the time.

Somebody from Evernote should chime in and give us some advice.

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Well, this makes a HUGE difference. So, I would say, for those with large notebooks, it is mandatory to do this from time to time.

I mean: really huge difference. 

It does, doesn't. It. There should be some "optimize" or "spring cleaning" feature in Evernote so we don't have to do it manually. :)

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