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Evernote bugs in OSX 10.9.5

Jeff Noyes


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Jeff, this looks like Evernote may be having trouble displaying some strange, unusual characters in your Note.  

Does your Note have different, non-English, language text in it?

What happens when you select ALL in your Note and copy/paste into another app, like MS Word?


You might try this to see if it clears up the strange characters:

  1. Export this Note to ENEX file as a backup in case Step #2 causes harm to the Note
  2. Then, click in the Note (not the export), and select from the menu Evernote > Format > Simplify Formatting
  3. If Step #2 causes change you can't undo (CMD-Z), then you can recover your Note by Importing the ENEX file created in Step #1.
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