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Hi. Whoever might be able to help me.

I recently re-installed Evernote oin my PC Win 7 Home Basic. I believe that my old email address might still be active... The monthly fee for Evernote is paid by debit order every month. How do I get my new download of Evernote to realise that I am a premium member. There is no opportunity on Evernote's Support site to ask specific questions such as this via meail on their website and as my Premium is not activated I cannot get any significant support.


Please help ASAP.


Dynamicd :wub:

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When you log into your re-installed Evernote app on your PC are all of your notes there?  Is the only problem that it is not showing you to be a premium member?  If you log into your account from your web browser does it show you as a premium user?  One possibility is that when you went premium you accidentally set up a second account.


To see if you have multiple accounts, from Evernote on your PC go to Tools -> Options -> Open Database folder.  When you do, how many .exb files do you see?  There will be one for each account you have.  This will give you an idea if you accidentally opened multiple accounts.

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