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Need to recover my locally-stored files!



I was having trouble with Evernote 5.6.1 beta 3-it kept telling me that the app was older than my database. So I deleted the beta app, moved all of the EN folders from the library to my desktop, downloaded EN 5.6.1 and let it repopulate from the cloud. This all went well, but then I realized that, of course, the ~100 files that were in a local notebook were gone, although they are still in the old library files on my desktop. Is there a way to identify these locally stored notes? I can't just compare folders because the new sync seems to have changed the names of the folders containing each note. I have 4000+ notes and don't want to go through each one looking for the ~100 local notes!


MacBook running 10.10

EN 5.6.1

Path for EN notes Library/Application support /com.evernote.Evernote/accounts/www.evernote.com/997300/content

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Not sure whether any of our Maxperts will be able to suggest an alternative,  but the only way I know would be to reinstate the old database - preferably without writing a whole load of changes back to the server - and then export the files from the local notebook to an ENEX file (make sure you check options and enable tags).


If you disable wifi / disconnect from any network,  exit Evernote and move your current folders somewhere safe,  then replace them with the old copies,  you may be able to access the database.  It's worth a try at least - but you'll want to backup everything you can think of before you start...


If that works,  exit Evernote,  export the notebook,  switch the folders back,  and resume.

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gazumped, you are brilliant! I was worried that it wouldn't work because of the switch from beta to non-beta, but it worked like a charm. After exporting my local folders, I simply moved all of the old folders back out of the library, then downloaded the new library again from the cloud. Everything appears to be happy and I don't have to search through a 4000-note haystack looking for 100 needles. Now I know to export my local files occasionally and make sure that they're backed up separately.

Thanks for the problem solving!

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