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Evernote on MacOSX - unexpected crashes at launch





I'm used to download my thoughts into Evernot, which is, in my point of view, one of the best tool ever  :)


Unfortunately, I do not remember all the positives things I've got to say on Evernote, because I cannot launch the app anymore  :huh:


I click on it, the main window appears... and disappears. Crashed down.


MacOSX 10.9.5


Can you help?


I've a copy of the error message if this helps.

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I do not know exactly the version, because I cannot launch. It's the very last from AppStore. I do submit the crash reports.


Please note I've just upgraded to Yosemite: this does not change the crash behavior. Do you want me to send the crash report? Is there a procedure to share crash reports? I do not find any "upload" button (but I've not enough caffeine in my veins).  :blink:


Thanks for your help,



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