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ios Business card reader integration with Linkedin get's lost with group emails

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(I meant "business card reader on the topic, but can't edit it now nor delete and re-post, if there's any admin reading this, please help :) Sorry for the mistake)
Hello there, on IOS client (currently running 7.5.311939-5977e21 - Beta) when I try to scan a business card that has a group email (ie. bakers@bakeryplus.com) Evernote fetches what seems to be the most likely Linkedin match, which however might not be the one on the biz card (it seems email overpasses name check) so I ended up scanning 3 biz cards from the same group (and same group mail on all cards) and Evernote understood it as the same person.
Currently I see no way of fixing or working around that, as in turning off Linkedin sync on-the-fly and back on for the next biz card.
Is this working as design? Can we improve? Anyone experienced this already?

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I fixed your title for you.


I have seen a trick mentioned of scanning a blank card (or the plain backside of one) which then (allegedly) forces Evernote to ask you for all the details,  but that's not exactly a workaround here - could you redact the email address on all the cards?  I don't scan many cards,  so haven't found this a problem.  Worth submitting a support ticket,  though if you're a free user you may not get anything more than a ticket number.  Would be interesting to know what scanner you're using here...

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