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alternate color for Evernote note links or use of icon for external links


Distinguishing note links  

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  1. 1. How would you like to distinguish internal vs external links?

    • green note links sounds good
    • prefer icon for external links
    • I don't use note links often enough to care


I use note links religiously in my account.   I wanted to put an idea out there to differentiate between external links and Evernote links.


in a note I created for EBCC training  I colored Evernote note links green and external hyperlinks the "standard" blue (see bottom of note)


this helps a lot when I'm more focused on navigating my own notes and stay inside the Evernote client.


an acceptable alternative is to use the external link icon used in Wikipedia.



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I'm OK with green (isn't that the way it works now?) as long as there is high contrast between the note text color and the background.  Light green on a white background is not good.


This is a good example of high contrast link


This is an example of how not to color links

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ah - my bad - you're right, it is the way it works right now - I don't recall what happened that caused me to manually "re-color" the links but after testing it now - it definitely works this way in the 5.5.2 client!


so at this point, the enhancement request would be an "external link" icon


There were new features announced at EC4 related to tweaking "Presentation Mode" layout that look very promising.


while I'm not color blind and feel the difference in color is fairly obvious, any extra visual cues (ie. external link icon) Evernote will flip over to my web browser is appreciated under the heat of the moment!


I can see myself while presenting, wanting to stay within my notes as much as possible.

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