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What happened to markup options?!





I'm an assistive technology trainer and quite often show students evernote and webclipper as a great way to gather research material for projects they are working on. I have just come back to doing this after the summer hols and am suprosed and very disappointed to find that the markup options no longer seem to be available  in webclipper!


I've had a poke around and have found that you can get them if you take a screen shot first but not if you want to quickly annotate an article before clipping it! This was one of the best features about evernote and webclipper and quite often would be the thing that would convince the student that this was something worth using! Is it still available? am I just missing something? Can you put it back?



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Thank you JBIGNERT that answers my question. However, there are youtube videos from 2013 RE: CLIPPER SERVICE that upon opening did seem to contain the annotations tools, this dates back to a time when the EWCS actually ran down the full length of the right margin of the a WebPage. Perhaps that was an older design.

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