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Wonder where a repository for notes is.. including attachments.

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I'm a mobile evernote user.

My device model is Samsung Galuxy Note II and Evernote version is, not a premeum user.

What I curious is the location of notes when I save them on mobile device especially while a note has an attachment file.

As a test, I turned off my device network and wrote a note which was including a PDF file.

Then I deleted the original PDF file from SDCard of device and restarted Evernote App again.

The Question is even though I removed the original PDF file from SDCard, how evernote had the note including the file?

1. Does evernote has its own root to keep saved note and file?

2. If so, what is the locatioin of the saving directory? Can general users access this location?

3. Are notes and files saved with any Encryption?

It's very helpful to reply above questions.


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Hi -

  1. Notes aren't 'kept' on a mobile device unless you specifically select one or more notebooks to be "offline searchable".  Notes are retained in a temporary cache until they sync to the server,  but your guess is as good as mine as to the location or format.  Once synced,  if you open that note,  it is downloaded to the temporary cache again from the server copy.  The cache is shared between all the devices on your phone,  so when Evernote isn't the current app,  another one might overwrite the cache data with information of its own.
  2. No clue and no.  (Though there are file explorer apps out there that will let you look through folders on your mobile device)
  3. On your phone,  no. 
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I'm not super familiar with the Android file system conventions, but you'd be looking for a folder named something like "Android/data/com.evernote/files", and go from there. The note database is in a sub-folder of that, which has a name that begines with "user-".

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The location on my phone is:  

        \Internal storage\Android\data\com.evernote\files\user-*****\notes\


It would be useful for back-up, but not much else.  I have a lot of notes designated for off line.

I have a zillion sub-folders with sub- folders.




Nexus 5

Android 4.4.4

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