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Evernote tags - A helpful example for beginners

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It's a good article. Question - how exactly so I do the whittling down process in practice? Let's say I am on my desktop Evernote on my mac. I can search for the first tag by clicking on the tag in the list in the sidebar. So now I have all the notes with that tag. How do I then choose my second tag from that list? I seem to just go to a new list of all items with the second tag, which is back to square one but with a different tag, rather than stage 2 of this process of elimination described in your article. Am I missing something?

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Brilliant! I actually found another way just now. It's not as good as the cmd way but I might as well mention it for anyone reading as it might have some use to them. I was messing around with the search box and I found that I could add a whole load of search options including multiple tags. 


1. Click on search box

2. Click 'Add Search Option'

3. Click Tag

4. Click "Add'

Go back to 2. to add more.


Long winded, but I discovered that you can save the search if you do it this way. 

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Excellent! So now my article makes sense to you!

This tool is so flexible that you have many ways for doing everything. You always apply with what is faster and more convenient with you. 

I have some saved searches for example, but since my job is very mixed, it works much faster for me to choose my tags ad hoc.

That's why I keep my tags nested and well organized, in order to navigate among them fast.


Thank you one more time for putting this point. I wouldn't think. I just updated my article.

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