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Tags that reference specific section within the note?


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Hi. I am using Evernote to record insights that arise during Bible study. Ideally, i would have a notebook called "Bible". Then, I would create a note for each book of the Bible. I would use those notes to record thoughts on individual verses for example if I had something on John 3:16 I would open the John note, type 3:16 and record the thought. At this point I need some way to reference this specific section in the note with a tag (or something like that) with "Love". This would allow me to search across my "Bible" notebook for "Love" aand retrieve the verses I have notes on for this subject. If anyone has advice I would appreciate any help!

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Putting an entire book of the bible into a single note in Evernote will make searching tedious and cumbersome.


I would recommend software or app specifically designed for bible study. 

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I think you might find it more useful, and easier to search, if instead of creating one Note for each Book, to create a Tag for each Book.  Then, each time you have new thoughts to record about the Book, create a new Note, assign the Tag for the Book, and additional Tags as needed that might cut across multiple Books.  So, "John" and "Love" would become Tags.


You could also use a naming convention for each Note Title, like Chapter:Verse -- Description.  For example, "03:16 -- God's Love"  I would zero-fill both the Chapter and the Verse so that the Notes will sort properly by Title.  For example, "04:02".


Of course, you can extent this naming convention to suit your needs:

  • The entire chapter:  "03: -- <your description>"
    • The reason I include the colon (":") is so that you can search for chapters easier
  • Verse range:            "03:01 - 03:10 -- <your description>"

You might also name the Tags for your books with a "OT." or "NT." prefix, like "NT.John"

This would let you easily search for all books in a particular testament, as in:

Search box:   tag:NT.*


There are many ways to organize your Notes.

I hope this gives you some ideas.

Whatever method you choose, start slow, create a few Notes, and do some searches to make sure things are working as you expect.


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