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Lost of Data and Unsync - Desktop, Web and Windows 8

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Hi there,


Not sure what's the reason but one of my notes data was completely vanished and the name of the note is still available. I'm using Desktop version, Online version and via my Windows 8 mobile even - BTW, I'm not a premium user. Is there any way to retrieve it? The data really important for me.


Second issue is that - My Desktop version is not syncing with online and online one is not even displaying data. Not sure what's the reason. Attached picture can give you a better understanding.


Please help me out with getting my data back






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If you can't see your note contents online,  it may mean that it's still on your desktop waiting to sync.  If you make any new changes to the note online before your desktop syncs,  you may permanently lose the content,  so I'd suggest you prevent the desktop account from syncing for the time being.  Disconnect from your network,  if you can,  when you start Evernote on the desktop.  Do get a backup of your Database folder if you don't already have one.  Try not to make any changes to your account on your mobile device,  which may complicate the issue.


Once you have backed up your database folder,  check to see how many notes you have via the web connection,  and how many according to the desktop.  If there's a major difference,  the desktop hasn't been able to sync for some time.  You need to fix the syncing issue and ensure that once you start working on the desktop,  you don't also make changes on the phone or the web client until you have finished and synced the desktop client.


Before you do so however - check on the desktop,  the web and the phone to see if you have a copy of the missing note contents.  If you can find it,  email the note to yourself,  make a new note and copy the contents into it,  and sync that device.


On all your devices,  check the Trash notebook (if there is one),  and any Conflicting Change notebooks.  If you're satisfied there's nothing in the Trash notebook of interest,  empty the notebook.


Then start a new 'test' note in Evernote Desktop,  sync and check to see whether you can see it in the web version and the phone.  If it's not on the web,  your desktop has a sync problem.  If it's on the web but not the phone,  then it's the phone that has the issue. 


Please let us know how you get on.  Also which version of Windows are you using?  7?  8?  8.1?   And is your internet connection a slow one?

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