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Windows Samsung SNote Application with Evernote Integration and Two Factor Authentication

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Hi All,


I have Samsung note 3 android phone and use the SNote application to take written notes fairly often.  My SNote application is connected to my android evernote app which does a great job at syncing my snotes into evernote.  Recently I installed the Windows version of Snote and found that it could be synchronized with my evernote snotes.  However, while in the windows app, my evernote authentication fails.  I believe this is due to my two factor authentication settings.


Are there any work around to get this running? 





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Hmmn.  Thought:  "Hey I have a Samsung GS4 - wonder if I could get this integration on my W8 laptop?"  Installation took forever and the app won't start in either Touch or Desktop mode,  and my laptop eventually hung up and had to be restarted...  not impressed.  After a forced restart I seem to have S Note working and willing to save my files to my Evernote account.  It's a straight login like the website version which can't handle 2-factor details.  I'd be interested to know if anyone else with two-factor set up has any problem using the web interface...


S Note is primarily a Touch thing,  and IMHO doesn't play well with keyboard entry,  so it's about to be Revo'd...  thanks for the tip though!  :)

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Sorry.  Have a habit of getting a sensible idea after I hit Save.  Easy way to get this going while this is going on - sign up for a new free account without 2-factor ID.  Save your S Note notes there for the time being.  Share one or more notebooks from that account to your main account.  Hello S Notes!

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