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New Evernote - No More Tag - Hierarchy





    Though I really do like the new evernote interface, I am not able to group my tags under each other, have sub-sections within each other - or well - basically a hierarchy. Is there an alternative option or is there a way to switch back to the old evernote. Thank You. 

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I have read http://www.christopher-mayo.com/?p=437he suggests parent and child tags at some point in his article, referring to jbenson2' method.

I agree on choosing the simplest system possible. Anyway even gmail has hierarchical tags, and I use them. I think increasing complexity of content demands hierarchical organization. Users with highly complex content are the ones that eventually go premium, I suppose. So I think Evernote should take care of them.

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It's ridiculous to remove one of the best features (and certainly the most powerful one) of evernote in the new version. Are they trying to chase us away?

I really hope they will get the tag hierarchy back in the new version, and in all instances (web, iOS, macOS,...) of EN. It seems like different teams are competing against each other in stead of working together. Crazy...

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+1 for the return of tag hierarchy.


Another thing I noticed is the different sort order of tags beginning with special characters ( + ~ # > .). I use those to kind of maintain my tag hierarchy on versions of Evernote that don't support it.


For example, Evernote for iOS shows all of the tags that begin with a special character at the very top of the tag list.

On the web beta instead, tags beginning with "+" are displayed at the top whereas tags beginning with "~" are displayed at the bottom.


If you're not going to keep the traditional tag hierarchy, try to at least maintain a coherent alphabetical sort order of tags on all versions of Evernote.

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I just tried the new beta web client, saw the lack of tag hierarchy and quickly ran back to the prior version.  


I can't envision working without hierarchical tags.  I thought their absence in the mobile versions was an anomaly.  Its very disturbing to think we are about to lose such a valuable feature, enough so to bring the value of using Evernote into doubt.  


Throwing everything into a flat bin is no good if you can't easily retrieve info.  A flat tag structure doesn't come close to meeting our need.  Please reconsider this decision.

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Hmmn.  New features 'were being added' we were told some while ago,  though I don't remember any announcements or obvious improvements.  Would be nice if someone from Evernote could lean in and give a little love on that point at least.


As to the point about sort orders that was raised a while ago - see these two links for information and workarounds. 

(I'm not going to make any other comment on this - seems to be a sensitive subject with some folks...)




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i actually think the hierarchies will come eventually, because they exist in other clients, but regardless of what happens, i think the approaches used here are especially effective for managing tags. i use a similar system now on the mac as well.


it might also have the benefit of making your organizational system more portable, because if you ever decide to move your notes into another app, tag hierarchies might not be respected by import / export tools (it's always good to check, of course, that it will work for your use case).

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