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Deleting Evernote from one of my devices and not messing up others

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@mwolf1953:  In addition to what charboyd said, IF you have any Local Notebooks, you also need to export those NBs to ENEX files (one per NB, save tags), and save on a USB thumbdrive.  Then import these ENEX files on your notebook.


After you have sync'd your PC, I would also sync your notebook and phone to make sure they save the same Notes.

Don't uninstall EN on your PC until you have verified all the other devices (including Web).


You also might want to use a complete uninstaller, like Revo, to do the uninstall to ensure that everything related to Evernote is removed.  This is for your protection to ensure that whoever gets the PC next doesn't get any of your Evernote info.

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