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What options for importing PDF files or content for non-Premium users (on a Mac)?

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I would like to save some PDF document files as EN notes, or in certain cases copy some of their content into EN notes, on a Mac (using EN non-Premium).


Some of these are forms (filled-in) that don't lend themselves to copy-&-paste.  In those cases I can't think of any other way than a 'file import' to get them into EN notes. 


What are my best options?



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There shouldn't be any problem importing/attaching a PDF file to an EN Note.  Just drag the PDF into an existing Note, or on top of the Evernote icon in your Mac Dock.  This would be my preferred method, since now Evernote indexes/searches PDF attachments for Free Accounts.


If you want the PDF content as Note text, there are many PDF tools that will convert PDF files to various forms, including text, RTF, and HTML.


Whatever you decide, take it slow, test with a few files, to make sure things work as you expect.

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