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two ios 8.02 devices wont sync

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i have two devices using IOS 8.02 that are not properly syncing with evernote.  Iphone 5 and iPad 2

many notes are missing. 

The notes were origionally written on the Ipad.

all recent notes are properly synced to all devices

i was panicked untill i found out the notes were alive and well on my older ipod touch (ios 6.1.6) and are still available on my computer evernote connection. 

I have read the "answer you are looking for" page for "won't sync" but that didnt seem to help.

why wouldnt these files be syncing?

how do i get the files that are online and on my ipod touch onto the other two devices?

many thanks in advance 

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This seems to be happening a lot.  The standard response is to:

  1. Delete the EN app from your iPhone/iPad
  2. Restart your device
  3. Reinstall Evernote

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