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Possible to increase text size on iOS 8 and iPhone 6 Plus?

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I have recently gotten an iPhone 6 Plus.

This may be really easy to answer.

When I use my Mac Evernote, the default font size is perfectly readable. On my new iPhone 6 Plus, the text is just approaching the point where I would like to increase the size visible on screen, but I don't want to increase the font size and have it larger on the Mac or any other screen I might read it on.

Is there a simple way to do this?

Pinch and zoom is no use, as you now have to scroll. I want to get larger text and automatically have it reflow.

Any thoughts?

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Here is what I do, and it seems to work well:

  1. In EM Mac I set the default font/size I like to see.  In my case, it is Verdana 14.
  2. So, if I create a new Note in EN Mac, it automatically uses the default font.
  3. If I clip something from the web, most of the time I select the entire Note, and change the font to my default, Verdana 14.
  4. If the are any heading I want larger, I select them and press CMD-PLUS (plus sign).

Sync of course.


Now when I view them on my iPhone 6+ they are very readable.


Try this on a few of your notes and see if it works for you.

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Thanks JMichael, but I don't want to change the font on the Mac, I would like the text size on the phone to be scaled up within the software or maybe through one of the accessibility settings. I've tried the dynamic text size option in settings, but that doesn't work.

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Evernote is not responsive to this topic, people have complained for years and iOS gives them the ability to enable Dynamic Type and so many apps take advantage of this but Evernote will not.  It's just another symptom of how the company is not minding the core features of the application and service.  Just another large tech company that doesn't care about accessibility.  

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On 3/21/2016 at 8:00 AM, Mays said:

Just another large tech company that doesn't care about accessibility.  

It's a frustrating issue, but that doesn't mean they don't care. Designing and developing a suite of products that work across multiple platforms and devices is extremely challenging (I'm a digital product designer by trade) and time consuming. Making one small change on one platform can have a ripple effect across all of your other products.

If they didn't care, these forums wouldn't be here, and team members wouldn't be answering any questions at all.

I'm currently using an iPhone 7+ and Evernote for Mac. I'd love to have my iPhone render default text in the system font (SF) at 16px and my Mac render at 14px in the system font.

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