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Is it possible to 'teach' penultimate to find a specific string of letters that may not be an english word?  After taking handwritten notes, I'd like to search for words, ie. names of genes, or chemical compounds that Penultimate does not seem to recognize.

Can a series of new 'words' be entered into the Penultimate dictionary?


Thanks for your help

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I don't think this can be done, but it is a really great idea.

Similarly, At my job, we have to record lot#'s of items we stock. Typically we write the lot #s on the packing slip or invoice and then scan it to save in Evernote. , Searching for the lot# later in Evernote, comes up with results not found.

It does not work, no matter how neat the handwriting is.

Even when I've tried to take a picture of the lot# (which is usually a alpha-numeric, and then try a search on the image, I get no results. I am a premium user.

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