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Not clear Synchronisation between mobile and PC app notes

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Hi Folks,


I am using Evernote Free app of 5.6.4 version in my mobile as well as PC. I am facing a problem between my mobile and PC versions. Below is the description.


I will make notes of whatever I have read at home in PC evernote (say 10 points/Lines as text). When I want to update this notes at my convenience(say when outside and not accessible to PC).  I will do it from mobile (where data in my mobile is not in sync with current data from server as I have not sync'd it in past 2 days- say I have only 8 points of earlier said text in mobile), will add few additional points and I will do it offline.

In this case I am updating my notes with additional content and when I sync it with server, the earlier data(10 points) is getting overrriden with the data of 8 points along with additional content which is being added offline. (here I am losing my old 2 points)


Is there any way to identify the conflicts between server and mobile versions so that it could ask for a merger of both data (or) overwrite the server version before updating if there are any conflicts?


I dont know if it could be solved or this is the behaviour. Please let me know, If any body could assist me.





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When you make changes to a note on device 1,  they are synced to the server. 

When device 2 later also syncs to the server it will receive those changes.

You can then make more changes on device 2,  which sync back to the server,  and eventually (depending on the frequency of syncs) to device 1


When moving between devices to edit notes,  you need always to ensure a successful sync both before and after making any changes.


If you edit a note on device 2 that has not been updated from device 1,  that edit becomes the most recent,  and will overwrite previous entries on device 1


If similarly dated & timed entries confuse the server,  they'll be flagged into a Conflicting Changes notebook so the user can sort out which is correct.

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There have been many sync issues reported recently, so sometimes it's hard to determine whether issues arise from software bugs, or user procedures.  As a result I have developed my own sync best practices to minimize any issues.


Maybe you will find it helpful.  Here it is:


It is best to manually sync, and sync often, especially after:

  1. Entry/Edit of an important note
  2. End of Session BEFORE you close or put your machine to sleep
  3. End of Day
  4. Start using a different device

Put very simply, thing of "sync" as cloud "save".  When you create a file on your computer, like a MS Word document, you always SAVE before you quit Word, right?  Think of sync the same way and you will minimize your sync problems.


EDIT:  Here's a Sync Diagram that may help clarify things:



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