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Saved searches sort order in new Android app

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I've noticed after upgrading my Android's Evernote to the new version that the saved searches sort order has become somehow random rather than alphabetic like they used to. In the old version it used to match the windows client sort order but now not anymore. So now it's kind of an inconvenience to find the saved search I want whereas before I scroll right to it. This is specially a problem if you have many saved searches.

I couldn't find any setting to change this behavior. If this was unintended change, please try to fix it to match the windows client alphabetical sort order.



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You're right - hadn't noticed before but my Windows vs Android saved search lists are in different order.  Hopefully someone will correct the sort order in a future release.  Meantime the best suggestion I have is to copy the content of your searches into a note in your preferred order,  then save that note to your phone and copy/ paste from it into the search bar.  That's also a good way to get around the maximum number of saved searches if you need to...

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