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[Feature Request] Disable / customize auto-replaced text



Sometimes I'll use Evernote to save snippets of computer source code, and the auto-replacing of quotation marks is quite problematic.


It would be nice if I could disable the auto-replacing of certain characters.  Google Docs allows this, and I like how they implement it (a menu where you can specify which characters get auto-replaced). 


Similarly, it would be nice if I could disable the spelling auto-corrections.  If anything, it should not re-auto-replace a phrase after I hit Backspace to an auto-correction.  For instance, I typed "csv", and it suggested "cdv".  After hitting space bar, the word is auto-replaced. I backspace to delete the replaced word, then type again, and it continues to replace it.  Microsoft Word is good about not repeating the same replacement after I've deleted it.  Evernote should do something similar (or at least let me disable this feature).

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