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I just saw this in the latest release notes. Can someone explain to me what this might mean for livescribe mac users. I'm assuming you can't create a note directly into Evernote using the livescribe pen, but does the new release somehow allow the importing of livescribe desktop notes into evernote? If so, I'd love to know how to do this.



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If you create an ink note from Evernote on Windows (or on a pen-enabled WinMobile device), and then sync that to the service and back down to the Mac, you can now view that note on the Mac like you can view it on the web.

You cannot create new ink notes directly within Evernote for the Mac.

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1. While I understand that my measly $45 per year doesn't really give me much weight as a client, Evernote is certainly worth more than that to me. If the ability to compose ink notes via the standard OS X INK implementation http://www.macobserver.com/tmo/article/Ink_Your_Macs_Keyboard_Alternative/ requires more development resources than you have available, then you should certainly be exposing methods to get data into evernote via your API (something I am sure you are doing).

2. I found this post http://www.livescribe.com/FORUMS/showthread.php?t=4165 on the livescribe forum. Evernote can now index the data in a PDF, but doesn't seem to perform recognition on images in a pdf; if that were the case a user could simply "print to evernote" under os x to get data from something like livescribe. *hint*

3. I would be alright with a livescribe application that essentially just syncs all notes to evernote (possibly sorting, or tagging them based on some header I have in the same place of the note) as soon as the pen, is plugged in. For that I should be going to livescribe or looking to outsource, I know. Maybe I could even whip something up since both livescribe, and evernote have an api. What is the level of effort to get this done?

4. What I want is to skip that step. I want to be able to draw, or write notes directly into evernote. You are telling me that I will never get that. :(

5. Now that Apple has a tablet, and you will be supporting it "in a big way" what does that mean for us non crippled OSX running users? Educate me, is the Inkwell API that apple exposes for the tablet not the same as the normal OSX one? Will I be able to compose notes directly into it w/ a stylus, and have them properly indexed?

6. Desktop users can use a wacom, while laptop users can use something like this http://www.tenonedesign.com/inklet.php, there is really no excuse other than it would cost us too much. If that is the case evernote would still loose because the people have obviously spoken.

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