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monthly deduction from my credit card for evernotes

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To find when Evernote charges you, go to your account summary page:




You should also be able to find that page via the desktop app: > help > Go to my account page


Then... scroll down to "Billing Summary". It will show you when your next charge is. You can also cancel the subscription there and set up your account to pay with the new card (under Billing Information). Your credit card statement should read Evernote + [country of residence]. "Evernote Brazil" shows up on my statement.


The charge should be no more than US $5 if you're on a monthly plan...

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Can anyone tell me when evernote deducts from your credit card is that company called ADYEN?  I just changed credit cards and it doesn't say evernotes anymore.


Most charges to Evernote outside of the US and Canada are processed via Adyen. With that and Frank.dg's instructions, you should be able to know when your Evernote charge will be removed from your account every month/year :)

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Since we use multiple credit card processors, what you see on your credit card statement depends on your country, currency, and card type.


In most countries, "Evernote" will be part of the merchant descriptor on the credit card (as Frank.dg says, he sees "Evernote Brazil").


Adyen is indeed one of our credit card processors, so in some cases customers will see something like "ADY** Evernote".


If you see just ADYEN, and no Evernote, can you let me know what card type and what currency you were trying to charge? It is possible that the merchant descriptor on one of our processors is not set up correctly. 

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