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request: do not show saved searched for notebook A in the context of notebook B



I find the if I use a saved search (on my Android device) that is for Notebook A (so it includes 'notebook:A'), while I am in the context of notebook B, that it will find no results, because it seems to add the 'notebook:B' term.


Though explainable, it is confusing.


Saved searches are either for All Notes or notebook (or stack) specific. If the latter then I prefer to not see the saved query in the list of saved searches (or get the results of from the specfic notebook like in Windows).


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All saved searches are visible all the time,  whether they are limited to one notebook or not.  Don't know if its possible to show only the notebook context,  but developers do read these posts,  so...

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I think the choices are:

'do not show saved queries outside the right notebook context'

'add the notebook: selector only for saved All Notes queries'


'Ignore the UI Notebook context and let the query determine Notebook context'

On Android, when in a Notebook context the notebook: selector is added to all queries, leading to unexpected results for saved queries.

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