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All my notes have gone from my mac

David Bent


I updated to Evernote 5.6.0 and now ALL my notes have disappeared from my mac.


If I wait on a note long enough it will download again from your servers - but all the data on my computer has gone (will download from server and then disappear again after I leave the note).


What on earth happened?  I thought the desktop version of Evernote kept everything on the computer with sync to the web.  Not having them on my computer means that Evernote is useless to me as I constantly move to countries with slow internet connections.


What has happened?  Please tell me how to fix.

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Hi.  What Mac OS do you have?  What you're describing doesn't sound possible within Evernote's normal operations.  Yes,  you should have a copy of all notes on your PC.  Can you see all your notes if you log in to Evernote.com via a browser?  Is that the same login you use on the desktop?  If so,  and the problem persists,  I'd suggest uninstalling and reinstalling Evernote.

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I have been in contact with support who tell me, after getting a copy of the activity log, that the problem looks to be caused by a synchronisation issue.  The data is still probably on the server but because of my slow internet access speed the data is just not getting back to my machine (why it was removed from my machine is not really clear).


Now waiting until this evening when my internet speed goes from blindingly slow to just slow and will try to get the data back then.


Fingers crossed for that.

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