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Sick of 'Unable to Save Clip' in Firefox!


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My Premium membership used to be totally worth it and I sang its praises far and wide.  Clipper worked just great in Firefox, whether for whole pages, articles, selections, or images. 


For 3-4 months now I CONSISTENTLY get "unable to save clip" messages, requiring me to laboriously copy and paste everything I need to save.  I won't bother to list URL's because it happens at ALL of them, hundreds and hundreds of sites all over the web.


I've tried deleting the program and starting fresh.  No help at all.


Can anyone suggest how to return to its previous functionality?  I'm ready to dump Evernote completely and start badmouthing it.






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Well, so far not so good.  I got rid of the standard Clipper and installed Beta version 6.  Firefox dropdown menu shows it's installed, but now I don't even have an icon on my toolbar or any other way to activate it.  Right clicking on a page or article or image, which supposedly lets me designate "send to Evernote" now has no such option.  BTW, I'm using an up to date Windows 7 (having hated Windows 8 and abandoned it) and Firefox 32.0.3.

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