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Trouble with Windows 8 Desktop/Touch App


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 I am having toruble with the Windows apps.  The touch app doesnt allow me to take pictures or record.  The Desktop App allows me to take pictures and do voice recording, but i have to take a picture, then manually upload it into the note.  Is there anyway around this.

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AFAIK the desktop app is considerably more feature-rich than the Touch version - it's a lot more mature,  and there are limitations in what can be done within the Touch environment.  The desktop app should have an option for a new webcam note (Ctrl-Shift-W) and for a new audio note (Ctrl-Shift-U) and if they both work separately you could merge the resulting notes together,  or just give them the same title/ tags.  Another option would be to use another app like Audacity to record sound and attach the resulting WAV or MP3 file to your picture note.

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