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Web Beta Release Notes - 10/8



Hi folks!


Thanks to everyone who has been helping us test the web beta thus far; your feedback is much appreciated. We'll be continuing to update the web client with new features and fixes, so check the forum here to see what has been changed. 


This week's update is primarily a bug fix release, so there aren't many visible changes.


Release Notes

  • Public notebooks will now properly open in the old web client
  • Editing shared notebooks should work as expected in the old web client
  • Various visual and stability bug fixes

As many of our support staff have already noted on individual threads, we are working hard to reintroduce features that didn't make our first version of the new web client. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Table support in the note editor
  • Drag and drop files into notes
  • Search highlighting
  • Saved search support
  • Share a note via email
  • Filtering of notebooks and tags drawers
  • Access to note history
  • Text encryption / decryption support
  • Reordering shortcuts

Please check back weekly for updates on what has been added or updated, and definitely keep the feedback coming!

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When is encryption coming for whole notebooks?? It is long overdue.

See about a million topics in the forums here. Hint: you might try looking up "Notebook encryption" and "Evernote doesn't give out release dates".

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When is encryption coming for whole notebooks?? It is long overdue.



IMO, it would have been better to have spent the development cost on NB encryption than on this, really not needed, web "beta".

I think just about everybody would benefit from NB encryption, whereas it seems relatively few use EN Web, and of those that do, MOST don't like the web "beta".

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