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Evernote on Windows Deletion Problem


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Hello Evernote community! 


I have run into a problem regarding one of my notes. Today, while in class, I indented a sentence. The grammar/spell check made the red zig zag line from the far left of the page to the indention space. I clicked the line to see what was wrong and it said, "delete repeated word" even though there were no words written. Seeing as I didn't want the red line on my notes I clicked it and then ALL of my notes disappeared. I clicked the back button and nothing happened.


I do not have a premium account but if it would somehow fix this whole problem then I'd be happy to get it. I haven't synced or saved anything since this occurred. I know that there is some kind of function within Evernote that automatically syncs th notes every few hours and was wondering if there might be a way to retrieve my notes. I need these notes in order to pass the class! I hope I can find them again! 

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Hi.  Were you using the web version or an installed desktop version to take your notes?  I assume from your comment that you haven't synced or saved anything that it was the desktop version.  If so,  have a look at your notes by logging in online via a browser and Evernote.com.  If everything is there - or mostly everything - all you need to to restore your database to the web version status is to rename your desktop database folder.


However I imagine you have some essential notes to recover - without allowing the desktop version of Evernote to sync,  have a look in the Trash notebook to see what might have been saved there.  Reinstate anything that is useful.


You can gain access to Note History if you become premium,  but the most recent saved notes will be exactly what you see on the web,  plus earlier versions of the same.  Worst case scenario - rename your database folder and you'll need to redo your notes from today...

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