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Search URL used for integration with Chrome and other apps not working - New URL?

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First, I like the new look very much :)


The problem:

I'm doing all of my Evernote searches straight from my Chrome address bar as well as from a few desktop applications (which fires up chrome and does the search via address bar).

But all that broke with the new version, all I need is the new search url. Couldn't figure it out from the source code.

This breaks my workflows a lot...


The old adress used to be http://www.evernote.com/search?q=%s


For those interested there's an old blogpost showing this: http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2010/02/17/searching-through-evernote-with-google-chrome/




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Yeah, it's nice looking, but the usability is killing me.   I am literally dying as I type this.


Old workflow:

type e-v-e- until the autofill kicks in, hit tab, enter search terms, hit enter


New workflow:

go to evernote.com

Wait for the page to load

click on Sign In

Wait for the page to load

Click Sign In (and why can't I be signed in for longer than a week, btw?)

Click Search

enter search terms


Alternatively, you can wait 30-60 seconds for the Evernote Windows 8 app to load, hit search, select Evernote, enter search terms


Am I the only one having these problems with using the service?

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Yep, I'm with both of you... the great new look appears to have come at the expense of functionality.

There must be a quicker way of searching Evernote via the Chrome/Firefox address bar, surely??

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+1 is this something that will be addressed at all or is it an abandoned feature. Would be nice to know whether i should wait for it to work again or to start thinking about changing workflows. Thanks!

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Chrome -> Edit search engine -> use this as the search string:


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