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I just began using Evernote this week and although I consider myself pretty tech savvy, I'm finding it pretty frustrating. I paid for the premium version so I would have access to live chat support and also because I am anticipating using a lot of space for what primarily plan to use Evernote for, which is student portfolios for my first graders.

First, I am unable to access the Chat Now button. I fill out the information, choose Chat Now (which is not green! which is making me think that it's not being given to me as an option) and then it just takes me back to the same page, but clears the info I filled out. I've submitted 2 tickets, but it haven't heard back yet (it has only been 1 day since the first one). Does this sound right? Are there only certain times/days that chat is available? If that's the case, I missed those details when I was signing up...

The other problem I am having is that I created one notebook with all of the notes in it that I want in each child's individual notebook. I then exported the files on the windows version and then imported them and saved as a new notebook which I renamed with each child's name. It seemed to work great yesterday! Today I go on my iPad....the notes are gone, except for the first 3 or 4 notebooks. I did move them all in to one stack, not sure if that changed anything. I went and checked on my computer and they are gone from the web too. I don't have the windows version downloaded on this computer so I can't check there as I'm at work.

Any idea how I get these notes to stay in the notebook? Since I'm still learning, I luckily haven't added the kids' individual work yet, so so far I haven't lost anything but I really want to figure this out so I don't waste my time.


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MrsGralski, welcome to Evernote world.  It's a great tool, which can also sometimes be frustrating.

Take it slow, be patient, and I think you will grow to like it.


CHAT:  Available ONLY 9-4 PST.   So you'll have to wait another hour as of this writing.



  • There is no need to export/import just to move notes.
  • Simply select all of the Notes you want moved, and a Multi-Note Handler will appear in the Note Content area
  • Click on the Notebook dropdown list, and select the NB you wish to move the Notes to.
  • Once you put a Note in a NB, it stays there until YOU move it.

Again, start slow, and work with only a few (2-3) Notes until you've got the hang of it, and you know that it works as you expect.

If you have any really important/hard-to-replace Notes, I would backup those before making any big changes.  To back, goto File > Export.


Feel free to post back here with any further questions.


EDIT:  These instructions are for the desktop versions, EN Win and EN Mac.  EN iPad works quite differently.  I recommend that you make major changes only on the desktop versions

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