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Only allows me to take a screen shot


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I downloaded the Web Clipper for safari this morning.  I downloaded the newest version & am running Mavericks.  When I select the elephant in the bar I get all the options of what I want to do ... HOWEVER, after using screenshot for the first time, it now defaults to that and doesn't give me access to the other options.  I uninstalled the extension, rebooted my mac, reinstalled the extension and all the options for Web Clipper are back.  But, once again, after using the screen shot function it then only allows me to use it.

I am not a premium user of Evernote .. could that be it?

I'd really appreciate any input!


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I think I realize what the problem is! I *believe* the web clipper remembers the last function you choose, so when you go to web clip the next thing, it defaults to screen shot.  If you 'x' out of that the full list should show.  It has been working fine for me so I think that's the solution.  If any veteran Evernote people see this and can confirm I would appreciate it!  Still learning the ropes here.

Thank you.

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Yes also for me.

Web clipper was defaulting to last action, which in this case was Screenshot.

I had to actually click on the screen to take a screenshot, then the save window came up, and at the bottom was the options button.


There I could change the default action.


Not exactly intuitive.

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@iamecho12 - Your are spot on.

Default setting is to start new clips in the last used action, i.e screenshot for you.

You can cancel out of the screenshot to get the full menu back.

You may also want to visit the options page of the Web Clipper and choose a different setting for 'Default clip action'.


Hope that helps.

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