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(Archived) Option for snapshot size, please!


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The default (and only choice) of snapshot take about 1.5MB per snapshot; this is not usable for most situation! It for one takes forever to upload, and takes up too much space. Even with the premium account, it gets down to about 10 snapshots per day (assuming that only notes ever are snapshots) and that's just not enough... :shock: On the page where one enters title, etc. there should be an option to resize the image to appriopriate sizes like small (~200kb), medium (~600kb), large (~1M), and maximum resolution.

It would be even better if one can crop the image. There is native android function to crop picture (try to set image file as wallpaper and you will see) so hopefully it's not too complicated to port that functionality since android is open source.

Also, the camera button half presses should focus the image like all the image capturing apps I tried - now it does nothing...

Keep up the good work!

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