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Web beta automatically starts a new note on open


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In addition to my previous comments, I can't understand why the new EN web beta opens in "new note" mode. This is surely not what most people want to do straight away? I would have thought opening in the note view (with the top note already visible!) would have been much more suitable - with a prominent button to quick add a new note, if desired.


EN is a great information retrieval system - this is its strength, not as a text editor. Play to your strengths and give us an interface where finding information is paramount!


Just my two eurocents worth... Mark

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I would like to second this... 95% of the time when I open Evernote it's to access notes, not to start a new one. I would prefer to see my exiting notes first. 


I'm sure if you guys are tracking peoples usage you would see how they use it and know which people need more first. 


- Krigh 

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my 2 cents here is it is useful for the UI to default to the new note view though I have to admit, I'm sure this isn't for everyone.  it should probably be an option configurable to go to any of the main pages.

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