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Pictures on notes

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I have a note where I've added a lot of pictures.  At one point I tried to delete one (clicked on it and pressed delete button on laptop) and then paste another one in, and move it (click and drag) up to where the other one was.  It didn't work out that way and now I have my text, but half of my pictures are gone.  What's weird is that you can still see the "annotate" option on the right side of the note, and when I click on that, my picture is there, I just can't see it in my note.  Is there a way to fix that?  Also, how DO you delete a picture and then replace it in that position of the note with another one?

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If you 'annotate' a picture it's opened by a Skitch routine which can change the picture and then save it back to the note.  If you click 'done' with the annotations,  then the picture should be saved back into the note.  It sounds like your laptop wasn't very happy moving the note content around - presumably it's quite a large file if there are lots of illustrations - and between pictures 'open' in other applications and possible freezes while moving large files around,  your system hasn't dealt with the editing too well.


Chances are the changes haven't yet made it to the server,  so one fix is to stop the systems syncing.  If you then look at the web version of your note it may be back to the original. 


If not it's necessary to employ extreme patience so the system can complete one operation at a time.  Complete the annotation activity,  sync to the server,  then move one picture and sync again.. take it step by step until you have your note back to normal and you can see the same data on the server.

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